More About Me

Christina York is a highly respected and knowledgeable professional who envisions her clients’ real estate investments as a journey of a lifetime.  From first- time buyers to seasoned investors, Christina handles every finite detail with her calm and confident style that makes the process of buying or selling a home a memorable experience. Distinctive to her aptitude and abilities is her understanding of the worldwide financial market. “I feel it is essential to understand how our world's currency evolves. This has allowed me to really branch out with different options for my clients to purchase the property of their dreams.”  Balancing her sophisticated style is a soft and sincere sense of humor that makes the entire process a pleasurable experience.  All of which continuously lead to referrals from her clients to their generations to come; the latter of which Christina honors and treasures most.  Throughout her lengthy and successful real estate career, Christina and her husband have put time aside and made their children’s education a top priority to ensure their upbringing aligns with their cherished family values.  Energetic with an endearing spirit, Christina can be contacted through Chase International’s Reno, Nevada, office.